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Not everyone who studies political science becomes a politician – but with a successful degree, he is a political scientist. In addition to teaching, political scientists are also active in political organizations, ministries or members of the Bundestag.

The study of political science

Political science (or even political science) focuses on political institutions, issues and processes. The students are therefore concerned with the background of socio-political phenomena. It also examines the implications of policy decisions – at the regional, national and global levels. Political science is also a very interdisciplinary degree program, which is mainly offered at universities and also includes subjects from sociology, history or economics. Statistical analyzes and mathematical calculations are becoming increasingly important and constitute essential political research instruments. The study is very scientific.

The basic political studies are usually completed within an average of 6 semesters. During this time mainly seminars and lectures are attended and exams in the form of exams or chores are filed. In the first semesters of the bachelor study basics in subjects such as political theory, international relations, government systems or comparative political science are taught. In addition, scientific principles and empirical methods are taught. In order to gain application-related experience and “supplement” the curriculum vitae, one or more internships are recommended during the course of study.

The degree in political science

For a long time a political science degree with the academic degrees Magister Artium (M.A.) or diploma could be completed. At most universities, the undergraduate degree now ends with the bachelor thesis and the last passed exams. The associated academic degree is the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

The postgraduate 4-semester Political Science Masters Course places a special emphasis on providing students with the theory-based and methodologically appropriate treatment of complex political science issues. Also, pit areas can usually be selected, such as e.g.

  • Comparative Policy Research
  • International Relations
  • European integration policy
  • Political sociology
  • Regional Policy Analysis
  • Organizational and Social Psychology

The final examination is a master thesis / master thesis, which is mostly empirical.


Our ghostwriters and political science experts have a high level of methodological skills, including: in the methods of empirical social research, and know the current scientific discussion in order to be able to classify your topic accordingly and to be able to deal with it in a qualified way. They are specialists and generalists at the same time.

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