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Our ghostwriters and educational experts will help you with your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis and, of course, with your dissertation. How and at what time we support you in your educational studies, you decide.

Our services range from finding a topic, creating the outline and an exposé, designing an empirical survey to creating a complete template, for example, for your bachelor thesis.

Aim and contents of the study of pedagogy

At German universities and colleges, there are both the terms pedagogy and educational science for the degree program, which deals scientifically with the development and education of people over the entire lifetime.

Subject of the pedagogy are the theoretical and practical implications and basics of education. Education should, on the one hand, reflect educational and educational activities, whether in school, vocational training or adult education. On the other hand, it should also develop proposals and instructions on how education and training activities can be designed and implemented. The terms pedagogy and educational science are usually used synonymously.

The fields of work of educators are widely spread. For example, they work in areas such as social education, adult education or special education.

Bachelor in Education

In the bachelor program, the students first learn the fundamentals of educational science around teaching, learning, further education and socialization, whereby interdisciplinary contents from mathematics, sociology or psychology are imparted. From about the third semester, a specialization – such as cultural education or adult education – is chosen. Depending on the examination regulations, students demonstrate their abilities through a multitude of tasks: presentations, assignments, portfolios or written examinations.


Afterwards, it is possible to complete the Master’s course, which usually focuses on the application of scientific methods. The master’s degree in education usually imparts knowledge and methods in quantitative research methods, psychology, social pedagogy, adult education or school research. The implementation of corresponding projects often forms the basis for a research-oriented, empirical master thesis.

Our ghostwriters in education

Our social science ghostwriters and experts have a high level of methodological competence and know the current educational discussion in order to be able to classify and edit your topic accordingly.

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